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Andretti angry over rejection of F1 for joining

Andretti not happy with FOM rejection: 'I'm offended'

20 April at 07:39
  • GPblog.com

It is well known that Andretti wants to join Formula 1. Despite being rejected by F1, the team are not giving up. However, former world champion Mario Andretti does feel offended by the way the team has been rejected.

Andretti offended by FOM verdict

Mario Andretti is not happy with F1's verdict, he is quoted as saying by APnews.com: "I was offended, actually. I don’t think we deserved that, to be honest with you. It’s a big investment in the series, and you’d think they’d welcome that. Even the value of the series is more valuable with 11 teams than 10, so I don’t know. Tell us what is really wrong."

He continued: "We’re trying to say ‘We’ll do whatever you ask of us. We’ll do whatever is there. Now, if you think of something, you tell us. But they haven’t told us yet except for some excuses like, ‘Oh we don’t want you coming on, we don’t want you to be embarrassed.’ But we don’t want to embarrass ourselves, and the fact is General Motors has made it so clear that they’re excited about this project. They have a long-term commitment there, and I don’t know what else we can do."