Rumour McLaren departed Sanchez soon finds new job

'Alpine finds new chief technical officer at McLaren'

13 April at 13:00
Last update 13 April at 13:00

David Sanchez's adventure at McLaren has been limited to a few months. Shortly ago, the British team announced that their paths with the 'Car Concept and Performance' technical director would part ways with immediate effect. However, Sanchez would not be out of work for long, Japanese reported.

The medium learned during the Japanese Grand Prix that Sanchez is about to return to the old nest. At Alpine, the Frenchman would become the chief technical officer. At Alpine, there is a need for personnel reinforcement as technical director Matt Harman and head of aerodynamics Dirk de Beer recently left.

Tough task for Sanchez at Alpine

Andrea Stella made it clear in Japan last week that Sanchez was leaving McLaren because the position at the Woking-based team did not suit his ambitions. According to the team boss, the job was "not senior" enough. Becoming CTO of Alpine, however, is a senior position.

At Alpine, Sanchez - if he actually signs there - a tough task awaits. The French team has yet to pick up a single point in 2024, and the cars of Esteban Ocon and Pierre Gasly are consistently among the slowest in the F1 field. In the coming months, Alpine hopes to start moving up the road with many updates.