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Ralf Schumacher goes against marko and thinks red bull needs choice fast

Ralf Schumacher: 'Red Bull seat for Sainz uncertain with Marko at the helm'

6 April at 13:07

There is some ambiguity at Red Bull Racing. The team do not yet know who will be racing for the team in 2025. The chances are very high that there is only a new teammate to come alongside Max Verstappen. Ralf Schumacher, in response to Helmut Marko, believes that clarity is needed soon on that seat from the Milton Keynes-based team.

Marko told Sky Sports' cameras that it is still quite early to talk about driver line-ups: "Normally in April we don't talk about driver decisions at all, but somehow there seems to be a lot of progress. But it is still too early for us, we will definitely wait a while before making a decision," said the 80-year-old Austrian.

However, Ralf Schumacher thinks a lot will become clear in the coming weeks: "I don't quite believe that the decision at Red Bull will only be made in the summer. Now is precisely the time to strike, now that Sainz is on the market. It has to happen now," said the former F1 driver. He continued: "Perez is the candidate to have to leave the seat. Alonso is also still on the market. That's why Red Bull has to make a decision now."

'Expiring contract motivates drivers well'

Perez qualified just 66 thousandths behind his teammate. According to Marko, the Mexican is driving so well because there is pressure: "You can see he can do it. But maybe the fact that next year's contracts are on the line also plays a role. Much earlier than usual this season. That also seems to be very motivating."

Schumacher is not yet sure which driver will end up in the seat, he does acknowledge that it seems to be a difficult story for Carlos Sainz: "I don't think Sainz will be the number one priority, because he (Helmut Marko, ed.) has already let him go once." Here Schumacher is referring to the Spaniard's time at Toro Rosso. "Then he traded him for Max because he thought Max was clearly the better driver. So it will be difficult for Carlos if Dr Marko makes the decision," Schumacher said.