Vettel Set For A Dramatic F1 Return

Is 4 Time Champion Vettel Set For A Dramatic F1 Return

5 April at 12:56

The 2024 Formula 1 race campaign has already turned into a pretty predictable one on the grid with Red Bull's Max Verstappen already clearly running away with this year's World Championship title, but there have certainly been the usual amount of unexpected shenanigans taking place off the race track that have kept F1 fans more than entertained - and somewhat perplexed as well.

That is the quintessential 'come and get me plea' allied to significantly keeping his options open, but many fans will feel that simply going public means he has made a decision and he just wants Ignoring the far more serious issues that have been raised lately that have been suitably addressed elsewhere, I am clearly talking about seven time Champion Lewis Hamilton's decision to give himself a Ferrari adventure in the near future, and all the speculation that his decision has sparked when it comes to the Mercedes team and what their performance will be this year, not least Mercedes' team principal Toto Wolff making very clear overtones to Verstappen himself in letting him know he has a home when his own deal comes to an end and F1 tips will be having a field day with these stories.

Those are probably two of the biggest stories right now, given the additional rumour mill speculation, and commentary, that they have generated, but they are far from alone when we think of the more race engineering topics that come up on car performance, problem solving and Grand Prix management such as tyre choices.

And as this week drew to a close, there is a more left field story doing the rounds and former Formula 1 World Champion, Sebastian Vettel, starting it himself with a recent interview that he held with the media.

The 36 year old German, and four time champion, retired back in 2022 with his major race success being four consecutive titles won for Red Bull during his spell with them (wins coming in 2010 to 2013).

With Vettel looking at the current F1 landscape and race team movements, he clearly sees a path for an eventual and unexpected return, maybe even next season.

This will undoubtedly lead to speculation as to which team, or maybe teams, he is looking at and mindful of. With the impending departure of Hamilton from Mercedes, they clearly tick a box. With Red Bull's off track issues and talks of 'management power plays' taking place, Verstappen's future will spark conversation over whether Vettel is looking to reunite with the team.

There will no doubt be some who look a little bit more into the future and consider whether Vettel may be looking at a final journey with someone like new entry Audi, who are expected to debut in 2026.

In his interview, the 36 year old was predictably coy in his responses. He admitted that 'thoughts...are crossing my mind' about reversing his retirement decision and making a return to the sport, but he was also very keen to stress a decision had not yet been made as it 'depends on what's coming up'.

to see what offers come in, and those thoughts gain traction as he went on to say that he was in contact will lots of people in F1, and he did specifically reference Toto Wolff.

When Hamilton and George Russell were questioned about his comments, they were fully in favour of a return to the sport, and the team, and again lots of people will read into that in terms of the messaging.

There is definitely something to watch here, as it feels like the groundwork is being built.