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Vettel spoke to Wolff but not about F1 comeback at Mercedes in 2025

Vettel spoke to Wolff but not about F1 comeback at Mercedes in 2025

28 March - 12:30

Sebastian Vettel hung up his racing helmet after the 2022 Formula 1 season, but now the German is back. The four-time world champion successfully tested the Porsche 963, the hypercar with which the brand competes in the WEC and thus also runs the 24 Hours of Le Mans. With a return to motorsport, long-distance racing seems the most obvious choice for Vettel, or is driving for Mercedes in F1 in 2025 also an option?

Germany's Sky tried to gauge it from Vettel. He did speak recently to Toto Wolff - with whom he has a good relationship - but: "We didn't talk about it there. I am still in touch with the people who have directly or indirectly guided me over all these years or who were also involved in the F1 circus. Of course we are in conversation, depending on whether things are going well or not so well. I am lucky to know a lot of people, and if I am itching for something or curious about something, I can ask directly."

Lewis Hamilton is closing the Mercedes chapter after 2024 which Vettel didn't expect. " I was very sceptical at first and thought it wasn't true," he says of the rumours. "But then some of it turned out to be true and I am very happy for Lewis. I sent him a message right after that and we are still in touch. I am also in contact with others and also with Toto. But we haven't talked specifically about what the future might hold."

Hamilton's decision does not change anything for Vettel. "But I also said at the time that I did not know what to expect and that the step I am taking now is the right one for me. I don't know if there will be another step. It doesn't feel that way at the moment. In terms of age, I am not the youngest anymore, but if you look at others in the field, theoretically I still have plenty of time, so that is not the first thing that would stand in my way."

WEC more logical option

With Vettel's test, it seems he is being readied by Porsche for a debut in the 24 Hours of Le Mans. Porsche is said to have delayed announcing the line-up to see if Vettel can still be added to the team. A WEC debut thus seems a lot more logical than a return to the king class of motorsport next year.