For this constructor, it all started in Australia: 'always special'

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Haas is back where it all started: 'Always special'

Two Grands Prix and one point. It is not a very high score, but that one point already puts Haas above Williams, Stake F1, Alpine and Visa Cash App RB in the constructors' standings. Nico Hulkenberg provided the team's first point of the Formula 1 season in Saudi Arabia. Team boss Ayao Komatsu, Hulkenberg and Kevin Magnussen look ahead to the Australian Grand Prix.

Haas has been in Formula 1 since 2016, and the team drove their first race at Albert Park Street Circuit. Romain Grosjean finished sixth in 2016, which gave owner Gene Haas' team immediate points. Haas have fond memories of this season. Team boss Komatsu is looking forward to the Australian Grand Prix

"I think after the first races which are two very different circuits in very different conditions, we’re pretty satisfied that we have made a step forward both in terms of car and set-up. I’m looking forward to Melbourne, again it’s a very different circuit. The downforce level will be back to Bahrain’s level, but it’s a very different circuit from there," explained the 48-year-old Japanese boss.

Hulkenberg and Magnussen excited

Hulkenberg is also enthusiastic and cannot wait to get in the car. "We‘re happy about scoring our first point of the season in Saudi Arabia. Everyone saw how much effort it takes for midfield teams to fight for a top 10 result and teamwork was definitely the key. Now I'm looking forward to Melbourne, I have many positive memories about Albert Park and the special atmosphere around it. For sure, it’s going to be a very tight fight for every position again."

Not only Hulkenberg but Magnussen is also excited for the track in Australia. "It’s always special coming back to Melbourne, I’ve got special memories from there from my first race in Formula 1. Coming back, you always have in your mind that it was the first race of the year for so many years, and that’s a special feeling."