Sirotkin-backers: "We took the decision" to leave F1

22-11-2018 10:02
by Nicolás Quarles van Ufford
Sirotkin-backers: We took the decision to leave F1

Sergey Sirotkin's financial backers SMP Racing have revealed that they were the ones who took the decision for the Russian to quit F1 due to Williams' very poor performance in 2018.

The Grove-based team took a nose-dive in form this season after finishing fifth in the constructors' championship last year. Sirotkin and Lance Stroll only managed to score seven points over the entire season, putting them in last place in the standings.

Williams just announced that Robert Kubica will be taking the second seat for 2019 next to rookie George Russell, meaning both Stroll and Sirotkin will no longer be driving for Williams. Stroll is going to Force India, although it hasn't formally been announced yet, but for Sirotkin, it's the end of the line already after just one season of F1.

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“We took the decision not to continue participating in the Formula 1 world championship in the joint project with the Williams Martini Racing team,” SMP Racing's director Boris Rotenberg revealed in a statement.

“We were unpleasantly surprised by the team’s performance level at the start of the season, and the car’s development rate also turned out to be not high enough.

“Despite this, Sergey managed a good season in the circumstances, gave his 100% and fully accomplished the tasks set in front of him. We are satisfied with his work and are currently evaluating options for his racing career going forward.”

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Дорогие друзья, к большому сожалению, в следующем году я не буду выступать в Формуле 1. ⠀ Это был очень длинный и трудный год, у меня не всегда всё получалось так, как я бы хотел. Я продолжал работать, отдал все силы и вложил всю свою душу чтобы добиться заслуженного результата. И признаться честно, я считаю, что в данных обстоятельствах мы справились достойно. ⠀ Спасибо вам всем за вашу поддержку, за вашу веру и теплые слова. Спасибо за то внимание, которое я получил во время Гран-При России в Сочи, оно действительно тронуло меня. ⠀ Этот год навсегда останется в моей памяти, в том числе, благодаря вам! Спасибо за все, друзья! ⠀ / ⠀ Dear friends, unfortunately, I won’t be racing in Formula 1 next year. ⠀ It was very long and tough year, not everything went as I wanted it to be, but I kept working and gave all my energy and all my heart to achieve what I feel we deserved to and if I am honest, I do believe we did a very reasonable job in current situation we found ourselves this year. ⠀ Thanks everyone for your support, for your trust and warm words, thanks for all the support I got during the Russian GP in Sochi which did seriously touch me a lot! ⠀ And partly thanks to you all this season will always remain in my memory! Thanks for everything, dear friends! ⠀ #SMPRacing #WeAreRacing #F1 #AbuDhabiGP

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