Mercedes: "We've asked the wrong things from Pirelli"

20-11-2018 08:23
by Bobby Vincent
Mercedes: We've asked the wrong things from Pirelli

Mercedes boss Toto Wolff believes Formula One teams have asked "the wrong things" of the official tyre manufacturer Pirelli.

Wolff does not believe that the tyre manufacturer has actually done anything wrong, despite lots of criticism from different F1 bosses/drivers.

"In recent years, we have simply asked the wrong things from Pirelli," Wolff told "By making the tyres softer and softer and softer, we've tried to trigger the downslide and have more pit stops, but when the strategists arrive with the fastest race time, it's about managing the tyres and still one-stop reaching."

The Austrian believes that's the wrong thing to be asking Pirelli, who have been slated for the compounds they've produced this season; due to the wear and tear that has been prominent on the tyres.

"That's the wrong direction," Wolff continued. "You just have to be given the right tasks, the right goals."

Wolff has also claimed that people "who know nothing about the situation" are getting involved too much and they should leave the discussion to the drivers/teams.

"They should stay out of it," Wolff demanded. "Listen to the drivers and the teams."

The tyre issues certainly haven't concerned Wolff's Mercedes too much this season, who have just won their fifth constructors' championship on the bounce after a dominating season.

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