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Dutch Grand Prix on to do list for F1

Dutch Grand Prix on to do list for F1

19-11-2018 18:10
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Jake Williams-Smith

A Dutch Grand Prix could be happening sooner rather than later according to Formula One commercial managing director Sean Bratches. With Max Verstappen's meteoric rise through motorsport and success in F1, the country could be set to host a race for the first time since 1985 very soon.

Speaking to Reuters, Bratches admitted that a race in Holland was something in the works and added that they were hopeful of adding a race there to the F1 calendar in the near future.

“We are very interested in racing in Holland,” Bratches said. “We are having productive conversations there and I am cautiously optimistic we can do something to surprise and delight fans in that territory and take advantage of the Max factor.”

Another sign that F1 is interested in building up a fanbase in the country is their recent deal with Dutch broadcaster Ziggo, who will retain their rights to show F1 but F1TV will also be rolled out and available to fans as an option to watch races live.

Liberty Media faced fan backlash for adding Vietnam to the calendar for 2020 but Bratches defended the decision adding that F1 is a sport that appeals to masses around the world not just to fans in countries with racing history and pedigree.

“We’re in an extraordinary favourable position I think, in the pole position if you will, in terms of Formula 1 being an attractive product for countries around the world. From a brand standpoint, from a history standpoint our intention is to renew the heritage circuits. We think it’s an important part of Formula 1.

“But at the same time we’re a publicly traded company, we’re a business, we have obligations to our partners and the teams to maximize the investment that they are making into the sport and we’re going to try to balance that with the complexities of some of these negotiations.”

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