Schumacher: 'This man must succeed Horner'

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Schumacher: 'This man must succeed Horner'
24 February at 11:00

The investigation into Christian Horner is still ongoing. The team boss is alleged to have been guilty of inappropriate behaviour within the team. Some say Horner should fear for his job. So does Ralf Schumacher in conversation with Sky.

The German thinks Horner is an important person and has certainly contributed to the team's current success. But Schumacher is also clear: ''Everyone is replaceable. Horner's departure would not make a big difference otherwise either." He does acknowledge that it would be unpleasant so early in the season, but it would not affect Red Bull's success.

Potential Horner successor

Schumacher has a successor to Horner in mind. "Oliver Oakes. He is 36 years old and has already managed a Formula 2 and Formula 3 team. He is very experienced and also already in talks with other teams,'' according to the German former driver. He continued: "But it is not that far yet." He does expect the choice around Horner to be made before the first race of the season.

Oliver Oakes is a former driver who was with the Red Bull Junior Team and had a substantial racing career before coming out to HitechGP as team boss.