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yuki tsunoda on new Visa Cash App RB car

Will the collaboration between VCARB and Red Bull help? 'The car feels great'

19 February at 10:00

It is always an exciting time for Formula 1 teams. After months of developing and testing the car and its components, now they get to see the 2024 car on track. Tsunoda is very positive about the new car after VCARB's shakedown. Will the close collaboration with Red Bull Racing finally allow them to take a step forward?

2023 was a difficult season for Yuki Tsunoda. Towards the end of the season, the team did show improvement. Daniel Ricciardo, who replaced Nyck de Vries halfway through the season, finished seventh in Mexico and Tsunoda eighth in Abu Dhabi.

After the presentation of Visa Cash App RB's new car, the VCARB 01, the shakedown was completed. This is the first run the team made with their new car. The team did so in their country of origin, Italy.

VCARB take a step forward

With the rebranding to Visa Cash App RB, a breath of fresh air is blowing through the team. VCARB driver, Yuki Tsunoda, is very positive about the new car. "It's feeling great on the track, the first run with the VCARB 01 went all smooth. I already felt a couple of steps of improvement compared to last year and a really big step I felt compared to the same time last year. I really enjoyed also the new car with the new livery, new team, so it was a positive day. I would say overall, it's an easier handling car and just didn't feel any outstanding issue or strong characteristics and movements. So far, I'm feeling positive," the Japanese driver told Autosport after the shakedown.

Cooperation between VCARB and Red Bull

There has been a lot of commotion about the cooperation between VCARB and Red Bull Racing. Zak Brown hopes relationships like that are banned. Tsunoda stressed that it is good to work closely with a team that has managed to win so much already, but that the collaboration is just following the rules of the FIA. To what extent VCARB has managed to step forward, we will see in Bahrain.