General Motors confident in Andretti's participation: 'We can do this'

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general motors confident about andretti's participation
17 February at 11:30

The motorsport community had a largely negative reaction when Andretti's bid to enter F1 was rejected. General Motors have indicated they still have confidence in Andretti Cadillac's application to make an entry into Formula One.

Andretti seemed to be on course to be allowed on the grid from 2025 or 2026. The FIA had already given permission for that. The FOM eventually denied the US team entry. In an explanation, F1 said that an eleventh team by itself does not add value to the championship. This is because they think Andretti would not be competitive enough.

General Motors remains confident

There appears to be a possibility of re-entry from 2028. Jim Campbell, vice president of performance and motorsports for General Motors is confident that it will work out by then, reports Speedway Digest. "In terms of our application with Andretti, we feel great about our application. The FIA studied it against other applicants and then gave our application a vote of confidence and approval."

Campbell indicated that there should be a follow-up interview. "So obviously the FOM made their statement, and we have asked for a follow up meeting with FOM and so we will work through that. We do believe between Andretti and Cadillac that we have got the capability of fielding a competitive entry. We are not saying that it is easy, but we do between our two organizations gave examples in our history of where we have been successful in other motorsports categories and that is true of Cadillac and Andretti. With that said, our joint teams are continuing to develop our car at pace. So, that is where we are at."