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Andretti overlooked invitation from F1

'Andretti did not accept F1 invitation because email ended up in spam'

3 February at 19:00

Formula 1's invitation to Andretti Cadillac for a personal conversation about its intended participation with a new F1 team was reportedly sent by e-mail and ended up in a spam folder. According to the Associated Press, that is the reason why Michael Andretti and General Motors never responded to the request.

'F1 invitation ended up in Andretti's spam folder'

Formula 1 stated that Andretti had been invited for a personal conversation but did not accept. In response to F1's rejection, Andretti Cadillac came out with a statement saying it had not been aware of any invitation. This conversation would have been desirable, according to Andretti.

Andretti Global's IT team reportedly investigated after this and found out that the email had ended up in a spam folder because it did not come from CEO Stefano Domenicali, but from another employee of the sport. Andretti stressed that he would still like to engage in talks with F1.

The FIA has also said they are open to talks on the matter. The governing body, especially president Mohammed Ben Sulayem, has made no secret of being behind Andretti's application and already approved it in 2023. It is therefore possible that all parties involved will still enter into talks about the rejection.