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andretti cadillac comes up with second statement after FOM rejection

Andretti come out with second statement and fights for spot in F1

2 February at 18:33

Andretti Cadillac have stated in a clear statement that they do not understand the FOM's decision. Formula One Management rejected Andretti's entry into F1, but Andretti and Cadillac are not giving up.

"When Andretti Cadillac entered the FIA expression of interest process almost a year ago, the preferred first year of participation was indicated as 2025. The FIA approved our application, with no specific limitation on whether the entry was for 2025 or 2026. Andretti Cadillac has been operating with 2026 as the year of entry for many months now. The technicality of 2025 still being part of the application is a result of the length of this process," stated Andretti's first point.

"We were not aware that the offer of a meeting had been extended and would not decline a meeting with Formula One Management. An in-person meeting to discuss commercial matters would be and remains of paramount importance to Andretti Cadillac. We welcome the opportunity to meet with Formula One Management and have written to them confirming our interest."

Clearly, Andretti Cadillac are not yet giving up hope of an entry into Formula One. Andretti Cadillac want to enter F1 in 2026, have already built a car and even want to drive a factory General Motors engine from 2028. The FIA agreed, but the FOM disagreed, to the horror of many F1 fans.