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New sponsor VCARB official after months of speculation

After months of speculation, this VCARB sponsor has been officially announced

11 February at 08:00

It was briefly visible during the car's unveiling, and rumours had been going around for a bit longer, but it's now official! Visa Cash App RB is partnering with HUGO, part of HUGO BOSS.

From the start of this season, the team, featuring drivers Daniel Ricciardo and Yuki Tsunoda will wear HUGO clothing. HUGO will design and develop the team's clothing. The collaboration goes beyond the track. Among other things, the brand will also design fan merchandise and performance wear. HUGO's logo will feature prominently on the racing suits, the car and, of course, the team clothes.


Rumours that HUGO would collaborate with (then) AlphaTauri had been around for a while. There was even a brief rumour that instead of VCARB, the team would be called something along the lines of Boss or Boss Orange. Now we ofcourse know that's not the case. With the recruitment of HUGO there's hardly anything left at Visa Cash App RB thats truly reminiscent of AlphaTauri. AlphaTauri, originally also a clothing brand, really has nothing more to do with the team.