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Horner and Newey leaving Red Bull? 'Then Verstappen will start thinking too'

Horner and Newey leaving Red Bull? 'Then Verstappen will start thinking too'

9 February - 16:00

Max Verstappen might just be thinking about his future at Red Bull Racing. So states Peter Windsor in his latest video on YouTube. The aftermath of the investigation surrounding Christian Horner could play a role in this.

Windsor has dwelt at length on the news about Christian Horner in his latest video. The former Williams team manager has his suspicions that Adrian Newey will retire if Horner has to leave Red Bull. Windsor also has his doubts about the future of star driver Verstappen.

Verstappen's future at Red Bull Racing

"If Christian leaves, and let's say Adrian is not as interested by Formula One as he was, what effect is that going to have on Max and the performance of the car? When Ross Brawn and the team left Ferrari, the momentum continued for a little bit. So the momentum would continue. There's enough good people there."

"But in terms of 2026 onwards and then into 2028 when they're going to be more big changes, Max would be thinking, but is this the same Red Bull that I know and love? And then all of a sudden you've got Max thinking, wonder if there's something better out there," Windsor concludes.

Verstappen still has a contract with Red Bull Racing until 2028 so the Dutchman will be around for a while. In addition, Verstappen has already regularly expressed his unsure whether he wants to continue in F1 at all after this deal. Verstappen will be 31 years old in 2028 and may choose to retire then.