Old fashioned to think of power struggle at Red Bull Racing

Is there a power struggle at Red Bull Racing? 'Old-fashioned to think so'

9 February at 12:00
  • Ludo van Denderen

It is likely to be a long day for Christian Horner. The Red Bull Racing team boss is expected to be questioned well into the afternoon by the lawyer investigating the Briton's alleged inappropriate behaviour. An outcome is not expected as early as this Friday, although that cannot be completely ruled out either.

In recent days, media reports have suggested that the matter has been set in motion as part of an attempt to push Horner aside. This would be done by - so to speak - the Marko camp, who would want to get rid of the team boss. Incidentally, Marko was asked this question by a German journalist. A small answer followed.

Power conflict within Red Bull organisation?

Craig Slater of Sky Sports suspects that the allegations should be seen separately from any power dispute within Red Bull Racing. "The guidance I've had from Milton Keynes is that it's not a kind of battle between Salzburg and Milton Keynes for the control of this racing team."

The fact is that Red Bull have been going through challenging times since the death of founder Dietrich Mateschitz. But, the Sky reporter says: "It would be old fashioned to think that, an investigation like this would be governed ultimately by a power struggle going on elsewhere."