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Ricciardo knows what is important: 'Must make Marko smile'

Ricciardo knows what is important: 'Must make Marko smile'

9 February - 13:00

Ludo van Denderen

An interesting season awaits Daniel Ricciardo with Visa Cash App RB (VCARB): how well will the Italians do now that more Red Bull parts are on the car? Moreover, Ricciardo is thinking about a bigger goal, namely a seat alongside Max Verstappen at Red Bull. After 2024, Sergio Perez's contract at Red Bull Racing expires and Ricciardo is a candidate to return to the team.

Helmut Marko is likely to be the man who ultimately makes the final decision on whether Ricciardo gets another chance at Red Bull Racing. It is easy to imagine that the 80-year-old has given the Australian targets in order to secure a seat at Red Bull. Asked by the official Formula 1 website, Ricciardo says no specific targets have been discussed.

Ricciardo is not done with Formula One yet

"But I know him, and I don't need to hear anything," Ricciardo stated. "I know what the target is and what's required. I only did a few races so I feel like I can talk about Mexico. I know that is what he knows I’m capable of, and even that weekend, I feel like he didn't need to say much. I saw him on the grid. He gave me the smile like that's the Daniel I know, so to speak. So that's all. If I make him smile, I know I'm doing my job, and I know what my job is. Make Helmut smile; that’s the to-do list!"

Ricciardo says he is happy with VCARB. "I’m happy to be back at this place now where I feel like I’ve still got it, and ultimately, as well, I still want to do it, and I want to do it because I feel like there's still more to prove. We're in a good place," Ricciardo said.