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F1 Power Rankings 2023 | Does Verstappen also win this prize?

F1 Power Rankings 2023 | Does Verstappen also win this prize?

30-11-2023 08:00

Max Verstappen has also managed to dominate the latest result of the F1 Power Rankings. The Dutchman again gets the highest mark, reaching the highest average in 2023 by far.

A panel of five members gives marks to the drivers after each Grand Prix based on their performance. This does not include the driver's car. Using the grades throughout the season, a ranking is maintained, where the best driver should then emerge at the end of the year.

Verstappen best in F1 Power Rankings 2023

Source: F1 Twitter

That has become Max Verstappen this year. With a 9.2, the Dutchman received the highest mark after the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix, finishing on average at 9.1. This gives Verstappen a monstrous gap to the competition. Number two Lewis Hamilton has received a 7.8 for this season, number three Lando Norris a 7.6. Sergio Perez, Max Verstappen's teammate, does not even finish in the top ten.

Before the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix, there are honourable mentions for Charles Leclerc and Yuki Tsunoda. The Monegasque finished second in the race and also got the second mark from the panel with an 8.8. Tsunoda impressed with his points finish, scoring an 8.6 for his race at the Yas Marina Circuit.