Marko: Red Bull must aim to make Verstappen the youngest champion

01-11-2018 10:28
by Matt Gretton
Marko: Red Bull must aim to make Verstappen the youngest champion

Helmut Marko has insisted Red Bull must make Max Verstappen the youngest F1 World Champion. He claims the team can do this in 2019, making Verstappen champion at just 22-years-old. Sebastian Vettel currently holds the record at 23 years and 134 days.

Marko remains certain the Honda engine will make all of the difference next season. The Austrian team have just two races left with Renault before embarking on a new chapter next season.

"We're really looking forward to next year. The aim is to have the youngest World Champion. Two years we have, but we go for it next year," Marko told motorsport.

Verstappen's race win in Mexico last weekend meant that the Dutchman has the top five youngest race wins. He was pipped to the post by Daniel Ricciardo to become the youngest pole sitter. He has just two attempts left to grab this record.

Marko goes on to admit he foresees some challenges with Honda.

"We know the first year with a new engine manufacturer is not easy. But the aim is, and the goal that I've told all the people is that we have to go for the championship, from the beginning. No excuses," Marko added.

“It’s tactical to get the best for next year. Toro Rosso are sacrificing their season for next year. It’s part of our concept that we have with Honda. The figures are already ahead of Renault. But even so, if you have one or two starts from the back, with Verstappen there’s some excitement.

“On the radio, he’s talking like he’s sitting with a cup of tea. The sort of information he is asking for… He’s unbelievable. There is no limit yet.”

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