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Red Bull best again in '24? Marko: 'Hoping to come up with something special'

Red Bull best again in '24? Marko: 'Hoping to come up with something special'

16-11-2023 05:04

This season, Red Bull Racing has been extremely successful. Of the 20 Grands Prix held, the Austrian constructor failed to win just one and both world titles have been secured. Helmut Marko hopes that his team can produce something special again in 2024.

What does Marko expect from 2024?

The regulations for F1 cars will remain the same next year, meaning teams can continue to develop their current cars. As a result, Marko does not expect his team to continue dominating Formula 1. "Next year, the regulations are staying the same. So I expect other teams to catch up," the Austrian began in NewsTalkZB's podcast.

It was recently rumoured that the RB20, Red Bull's car for next year, will be fitted with a new invention, once again making the car a lot better. Helmut Marko seems to expand on this in the podcast. "We hope to bring something special again. So then at least, like it was this year, in the beginning of the season we can dominate. And during the season the others come nearer."

'Biggest factor for success is Max'

According to Red Bull's adviser, however, the car is not the biggest factor in the Austrian constructor's success. "But the real difference is Max. You see it, if he comes in second on the first lap, like after Singapore, he was really frustrated. So his first out lap in Suzuka, I think he was two seconds faster than anybody else. Or if they are changing weather conditions, he doesn't need any warm-up or getting to know the circumstances. When he goes out, he's on the limit. So the biggest factor for being successful next year again is Max," Marko explained.