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prost on verstappen's 51st win in mexico

Prost sees Verstappen distancing himself further soon: 'Not jealous'

1 November at 10:10

Alain Prost saw Max Verstappen take his 51st career victory in Formula 1 in Mexico. The Red Bull Racing driver thus equalled Prost's number, although he needed fewer races to do so. The 68-year-old Frenchman is happy for the three-time world champion.

Prost - himself a four-time world champion in the top class of motorsport - is happy to still be in the top five. Only Lewis Hamilton (103), Michael Schumacher (91) and Sebastian Vettel (53) won more. He doesn't need to fear losing his place among the 'best five' any time soon, as of the current Formula 1 drivers, the closest is already 42-year-old Fernando Alonso with 32 wins. This is followed by Valtteri Bottas in 35th place with 10 wins.

"I am not ashamed to say that I am proud to be in this list," Prost said in an interview with L'Equipe. "My story is out of print, but it was beautiful, and Max's story is being written, and it is just as beautiful. In his own way."

Prost present in Abu Dhabi

Verstappen can reach 54 wins this season - passing Vettel - if he wins in Brazil, Las Vegas and Abu Dhabi. At the latter GP, Prost will be present in any case and will congratulate the reigning world champion through a firm handshake.

"I will be in Abu Dhabi, and there I will definitely go and congratulate him. I will tell him in advance that he has joined a very exclusive club, and that is already an achievement. I will also tell him that he is a driver I appreciate for his determination and talent. And finally, I will inform him that I am not jealous or sad to be beaten by a sportsman of his level," he said.