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'Dutch Grand Prix to stay on F1 calendar for longer: Zandvoort much loved'

'Dutch Grand Prix to stay on F1 calendar for longer: Zandvoort much loved'

22-10-2023 17:41

Dutch news outlet De Telegraaf report that Formula 1 will continue to be shown annually in Zandvoort after 2025. This news emerged prior the 2023 United States Grand Prix. The Dutch Grand Prix has impressed F1's management.

The contract for the Dutch Grand Prix expires at the end of 2025. Rumours were already circulating that the Netherlands and Belgium would take turns to have a place on the F1 calendar after this, something that, incidentally, was firmly denied by the organisations in both Belgium and the Netherlands. Now there also seems to be a chance that Zandvoort will keep a full-time spot.

Dutch Grand Prix set to extend stay on F1 schedule

De Telegraaf reports that Formula 1 is very happy with the Dutch GP and would like to keep the race on the calendar. The race weekend attracts many fans every year and is an example to other GPs of how to mix entertainment with the sport, according to Stefano Domenicali. F1 is also said to have already hinted at the organisers' desire to keep Zandvoort on the calendar beyond 2025.

At the moment, the future of the Dutch GP has not yet been decided. The contract still runs until 2025, and next year's race is already sold out. Chances are that selling tickets for the 2025 edition will not be that difficult either. As long as Max Verstappen is still active in F1 (up to and including 2028), there is a good chance that  the Orange Army remain in full force.

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