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F1 team bosses deny having 'personal problems' with Andretti

F1 team bosses deny having 'personal problems' with Andretti

20-10-2023 21:31

Michael Andretti is working hard for an entry into Formula 1 but increasingly feels they are being thwarted by the current F1 teams. Andretti has even suggested that it might be personal. The team bosses were asked about it in the press conference ahead of the United States Grand Prix.

Andretti has already been approved by the FIA for a place in F1 but is still awaiting FOM and Liberty Media approval. The commercial rights holders are being pressured mainly by the F1 teams, as they have little desire to divide their money between more teams. In fact, Andretti is increasingly getting the impression that there is a personal smear campaign against the Andretti family.

"I don't know him. I think that his father has a fantastic track record. He's one of the great names of the sport. As a racing team, Andretti has been doing well in the United States. They've won the Formula E championship. But there's no grudge. If you haven't really met anyone, you can't have a personal grudge," said Toto Wolff.

Do F1 teams have a personal problem with Andretti?

Guenther Steiner also denies that he would have a personal problem with Andretti. "No, nothing personal. I know Michael, but not very well, obviously. I met him a few times, but nothing personal."

Both Zak Brown and Mike Krack are good friends with the Andretti family. As such, Brown previously allowed Andretti to drive a McLaren recently. "I think everybody knows I'm good buddies with Michael, so I've got no grudge." The same goes for Krack, who has previously worked with Andretti in Formula E. "I can only say good things about Michael and his team."

Yet it is not true for every team, as teams are simply not eager for Andretti's arrival. Andretti may already have a car in the wind tunnel and hope for an entry in 2025, but the teams want to be sure it will also bring in more money for the other teams. Andretti will have to convince the commercial rights holders, although, in practice, it will mainly be convincing the teams.