'Stroll plans to sell Aston Martin F1 team for astronomical amount'

'Stroll plans to sell Aston Martin F1 team for astronomical amount'

05-10-2023 15:19

Lawrence Stroll is reportedly considering selling his shares in Aston Martin - and thus the Formula 1 team- to a Saudi sovereign wealth fund, according to speculation. Oil giant Aramco is said to be leading the negotiations for the sale, reports.

'Stroll considering selling Aston Martin'

The F1 circus has barely arrived at the Losail International Circuit, or the rumour mill is back in full swing. This time the focus is on Lawrence Stroll, who insiders say is reportedly planning to sell his shares in Aston Martin to a newly established Saudi sovereign wealth fund. The negotiations are said to be led by team sponsor Aramco. The purchase price: eight hundred million euros.

Stroll, whose wealth is estimated at $3.2 billion by Forbes, reportedly lacks the motivation to commit to his son Lance Stroll's F1 career any longer, according to sources. This would have everything to do with the attitude of the 24-year-old driver, who drives in the shadow of two-time world champion Fernando Alonso. Also, his mother would no longer feel much for his motorsport career after he experienced a number of heavy crashes in the 2023 season.

'Stroll was always unmotivated'

Someone who would not be surprised if the Canadian driver were to call it quits soon is compatriot Jacques Villeneuve, who has long lived next door to the Stroll family in Montreal. "Lawrence built his own karting track for his son, which was just a 15-minute walk from the house. Yet Lance travelled the distance by helicopter every day," the 1997 world champion said.

Another insider, who is said to have previously held a senior position with the team, told a similar story. "Father and son once came to our factory to have a look. I have never seen such an interested father and such an uninterested son," he said.

Marko: 'Tsunoda not going to Aston Martin early'

Speculation is therefore already rife about Lance Stroll's possible successor, should it indeed buy into a sale. Given that Honda will supply engines to the team from 2026, Yuki Tsunoda seems a logical option. However, Red Bull Racing advisor Helmut Marko warns that the Japanese is tied up with AlphaTauri. "Tsunoda has a contract with us. If Aston Martin were already interested in him next year, they would have to come to an agreement with us first," Marko said.