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New C2 tyre found not good enough: 'No reason to change'

New C2 tyre found not good enough: 'No reason to change'

05-10-2023 09:28 Last update: 10:00

Cas van de Kleut

The Japan Grand Prix weekend saw a new C2 tyre tested in preparation to be introduced in Formula 1 in 2024. The aim was to make the difference with the C1 tyre bigger and with the C3 tyre smaller. After testing the prototype C2 tyre, Pirelli, the maker of the tyres, is likely to stick with the current C2, Pirelli chief Mario Isola told Motorsport.com.

Pirelli abandons new C2 tyre

All drivers were given two sets of the prototype tyres during the second free practice session of the Japanese Grand Prix. Data was taken from this practice to measure grip. This turned out to be disappointing. Isola says: "Looking at the data, and also considering the track evolution, I believe that the prototype doesn't have the grip that we were looking for.  So, we will probably stay on the current C2 for next year. Without a clear result, a clear step in grip, there is no reason to change and introduce a new compound when we have the current C2 that is working well."

Test C4 tyre in Mexico

The test of the prototype C2 tyre was, therefore a one-off. However, during the Mexican Grand Prix later this season, more testing with another modified tyre will take place. This will be the C4 tyre. The aim is to improve the mechanical resistance of this tyre.