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Capito surprised by Sargeant: 'Under pressure, he makes more mistakes'

Capito surprised by Sargeant: 'Under pressure, he makes more mistakes'

28-09-2023 11:36 Last update: 16:51

Cas van de Kleut

Logan Sargeant is under pressure at Williams. The American is the only driver not yet sure of his seat in 2024. He seems to be struggling with the pressure, with the Williams driver making many costly mistakes in recent times. Jost Capito, former Williams team boss and also the man who brought Sargeant to the team, is surprised by the 22-year-old driver's mistakes, he told Formel1.de.

Sargeant is still pointless in his first season in Formula 1. Meanwhile, his teammate, Alexander Albon, already has scored 21 points this season, and so we can say he is carrying the team. In recent weeks, Sargeant has crashed several times, and so the American is also costing his team a lot in damages.

Capito shocked by Sargeant's crashes

Capito is surprised that Sargeant crashes so much. The Williams driver is then under pressure because he is not sure of his seat yet, but according to the German, his former protégé in Formula 2 actually started driving faster under pressure: "I have the impression that that's not the case at the moment. Rather, when the pressure increases, he tends to make even more mistakes." Capito therefore thinks Williams should give him less pressure. He thinks that would help Sargeant make fewer mistakes.