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Debate | 'Sargeant should no longer be driving in Formula 1 in '24'

Debate | 'Sargeant should no longer be driving in Formula 1 in '24'

23-09-2023 13:33

Ludo van Denderen

Once again Logan Sargeant took a big hit, after once again he failed to produce a decent performance. The Williams driver's debut season seems to be going from bad to worse. While his team-mate Alex Albon has now accumulated 21 points, a miracle will have to happen if Sargeant is to capture his first points of the year from the last starting spot this weekend. All in all, it brings GPblog to the proposition: 'Logan Sargeant does not belong in Formula 1 in 2024'.

Logan Sargeant brings in a lot of sponsorship money. Cynical, one could say: 'Thank goodness, because that allows his team Williams to pay for the many damages he drives'. Things also went completely wrong for the American rookie during qualifying for the Japanese Grand Prix: he lost control of his car, which only came to a halt in the barrier. With the necessary damage, so the mechanics will have a busy Saturday night.

Sargeant admitted mistake

Afterwards, Sargeant reported that 'it was going well' up until the incident: "I lost the rear on exit; maybe a bit too aggressive on power with the tailwind as well. The grass creeps up on you quickly as it’s coming back towards you. Unfortunately, once I touched the grass there was nothing I could do. It’s disappointing and not what I wanted. I know the team have a big job on their hands to repair my car for tomorrow and I really appreciate all their hard work and effort. I’ll put this behind me and focus on the race tomorrow."

Guilty as so often earlier this season. That doesn't buy Williams much else. The team, under team boss James Vowles, has clearly started the way up, only the second driver seems unable to catch on. This Sargeant's contract expires after the current season and no imminent extension seems at all likely. Williams is also in a luxury position: only this English team still has a seat for 2024 and there are plenty of good drivers eager to get in. Liam Lawson, who Red Bull is considering lending him for a year, for example.

'Sargeant not making moves'

No doubt Williams is also keeping the Sargeant option open. But given his learning curve - or rather lack thereof - this season, it would be remarkable, to say the least, if he were to be given a second chance. Add to that the fact that being American has not brought any extra attention in the United States for Williams, something that was hoped (expected perhaps) beforehand.

Therefore, GPblog puts the proposition to its readers: 'Logan Sargeant should not be driving in Formula 1 in 2024'. Please vote and give your opinion in the comments!

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