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Horner proud: 'As a team we worked at a phenominal level'

Horner proud: 'As a team we worked at a phenominal level'

22-09-2023 09:04


Red Bull team boss Christian Horner is proud of his team's results. Ahead of the Japanese Grand Prix, the Briton reflects on the impressive run his teams managed to achieve, up to the Singapore Grand Prix. Horner details why he believes the 2023 season stands out from other years of success, and shows his appreciation for the entire team.

Horner on 2023: 'It's been an excellent performance'

The season has been almost flawless for Red Bull Racing. The Milton Keynes-based team picked up as many as 14 wins in a row, until Carlos Sainz put an end to that in Singapore. Asked if Red Bull has ever performed at this level, Horner replied, "No. We've had some great seasons but I think what we've achieved up to Singapore..14 straight wins across all the different venues that we've been at"

He continued: "The challenges and conditions and everything that we've been faced with this year, it has been an outstanding performance. Operationally, reliability wise, strategically, development-wise, I think the team has been operating at a phenomenally high level and everybody within the team is incredibly proud of what we've achieved." Red Bull also saw an old record broken by Sebastian Vettel, also driving a Red Bull at the time. Max Verstappen took 10 wins in a row, breaking Vettel's record from 2013.

Horner most proud of the people within Red Bull Racing

Horner, however, is most proud of his team. He expresses his admiration for the way people within Red Bull interact:"The spirit, the culture, the passion and the commitment of the whole team and the way that we work as a team. Everybody supports each other and I think that's the biggest standout element for me."