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Massa responds to Wolff and Marko: 'Shows we are on the right track'

Massa responds to Wolff and Marko: 'Shows we are on the right track'

20-09-2023 09:48 Last update: 11:37


The battle for the 2008 world title does not seem settled for now. In Singapore, Red Bull Racing's Helmut Marko and Mercedes ' Toto Wolff also made statements about Felipe Massa's legal actions. According to the Brazilian, these statements show that he and his team are "on the right track".

The Singapore Grand Prix in 2008

The race it is all about is the 2008 Singapore GP. Here, Nelson Piquet Jr. deliberately put his Renault into the wall to help his teammate Fernando Alonso to victory. The Brazilian admitted a year later that his crash was deliberate, however, it was revealed early this year that then F1 boss Bernie Ecclestone knew about the intentionality as early as 2008. For this reason, Massa is taking action. The former Ferrari driver wants this Grand Prix to be declared invalid and this would see Massa win the 2008 title over Lewis Hamilton.

Wolff and Marko on crashgate

Ahead of the 2023 Singapore Grand Prix, 15 years after the alleged crashgate, F1 chiefs Marko and Wolff also shared their views on the matter. The Red Bull adviser stated that with new facts, the case could indeed be solved and saw good chances for Massa. Wolff, on the other hand, said he was following the case with interest ahead of the controversial 2021 finale.

Massa responds to Wolff and Marko statements

Speaking to Motorsport.com, Massa reacted positively to the top men's statements: "This shows that we are on the right track and that people in Formula 1 realise the seriousness and importance of the case." The Brazilian will do everything in his power to get the 2008 title to his name for his country and the Tifosi, and hopes the FIA and FOM will act differently than they did in 2008. "Both bodies have the chance to prove the truth and, in doing so, rectify the mistakes of the past, for the good of the sport," Massa concluded.