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Who can stop Verstappen? 'If anyone can do it, it's him'

Who can stop Verstappen? 'If anyone can do it, it's him'

13-09-2023 16:12 Last update: 16:54

Max Verstappen is on a grandiose win streak of ten in a row. The Dutchman thus holds the record and will look to improve in Singapore. The question being asked more often this year is, will Verstappen be unstoppable in 2023? According to former F1 driver Gerhard Berger, there is one driver who could stop him.

Hamilton is the only one who could possibly do it

Verstappen has not lost an F1 race since the Azerbaijan Grand Prix and there also seems to be little evidence to suggest that Verstappen will lose one in the next eight race weekends as well. Perhaps his rivals have the biggest chance in Singapore. Former race winner Berger names the driver who has it in him to possibly give Verstappen a hard time.

Berger told Sport Bild: "Lewis Hamilton is someone who always knows exactly when it is his day, when he can succeed. He will probably be the one to take the win." Berger does not seem convinced that Hamilton will actually succeed this year, but does argue that the seven-time world champion is the driver capable of doing it. Berger: "Until recently, Lewis was the best driver. Now most people will probably say Max. And so will I."