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Norris: 'More worried about cars behind me than Red Bull'

Norris: 'More worried about cars behind me than Red Bull'

29-08-2023 20:33 Last update: 23:55
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Toby McLuskie

McLaren driver Lando Norris thinks his team is going to find some extra performance in the MCL60 in the coming races. Speaking to the media present, including GPblog, at Zandvoort, he indicated that McLaren will make some improvements to its car in the coming races. Norris, however, does not think he can attack Red Bull but is more worried about keeping other teams behind him.

Norris: 'Pleasantly surprised by competition'

After a troubled start to the season, McLaren managed to pick itself up strongly. Major updates from the Austrian Grand Prix ensured plenty of time gains, suddenly making the British team the second team on the grid. Norris comments on this: "We didn't expect to really challenge the Red Bull at all when we had the upgrade in Austria and I think we're still pleasantly surprised by how competitive we've been. A mixture of us taking a step forward and Aston taking, I would say, a step backwards from where they were at the beginning of the season."

Asked if Norris thinks McLaren is going to find much performance in the remaining 10 races this season, the Briton replied, "Sadly, I would say I'm still more worried about the people behind than the car in front". In addition, the McLaren driver states that more speed is in store anyway with a newly developed rear wing. He says this was not used at Zandvoort from certain considerations, but Norris claims the wing is more efficient than the previous one.

McLaren is still going to bring minor upgrades, according to Norris

Finally, Norris briefly looks ahead to the updates still to come. He does not reveal much about specific parts, but the young Briton does know, however, that McLaren will continue to develop the MCL60 for several more races. "There's little things that we're going to consistently try to bring, maybe not for much longer, because there's a time when we focus to next year but there's more to come because the car's taken so many big steps forward," Norris said.