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Aston Martin combative: 'Try to catch Red Bull within 12 months'

Aston Martin combative: 'Try to catch Red Bull within 12 months'

06-08-2023 18:39 Last update: 19:41
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Toby McLuskie

Aston Martin team boss Mike Krack saw his team start the season very successfully. In the last few races before the summer break, the British team experienced some tough races, but the team boss remains optimistic. In an interview with GPblog, Krack says he is confident of competing against Red Bull within 12 months.

Aston Martin focus remains on 2023 car

With six podium finishes for Fernando Alonso, Aston Martin had a dream start to the season. Performance in recent races has been disappointing, which Krack says is mainly due to updates to this season's complex cars. However, the team boss wants to remain focused on 2023: "We are not switching off the tap, it is full-on development [of the 2023 car]. We have set up a development plan and it was based on continuously developing the car and we follow that."

Team boss Krack acknowledges that keeping the focus long on the 2023 car could cause problems in the coming years. Despite the potential problems, he is confident that Aston Martin can catch up with Red Bull's team within 12 months and can compete with them: "We will try. I think it shows that with less wind tunnel time, it is possible".