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Rosberg praises Verstappen and Red Bull after breaking legendary record in F1

Verstappen gets praise: 'Drove like one of the five best of all time'

26 July at 09:08
Last update 26 July at 11:22
  • Toby McLuskie

Red Bull Racing improved the record for most wins in a row by a constructor last weekend. It was championship leader Max Verstappen who managed to win the race. According to Nico Rosberg, the Hungarian Grand Prix was therefore legendary.

It was not a very easy weekend until Sunday. After qualifying, Verstappen complained about the balance in his RB19. Lewis Hamilton managed to take pole by 0.003 seconds, allowing the Dutchman to start from second place. At the start, the two-time world champion overtook his 2021 rival, and it soon became clear that if nothing crazy happened, Verstappen would win the race.

'Legendary' Hungary GP

During the Sky Sports F1 podcast, former world champion Nico Rosberg was asked to describe the race in one word: "What would I say? Um, astonishing, or legendary, let’s go with legendary because the Red Bull team broke a legendary historic record of 11 successive race wins by McLaren, they’ve now got 12, so that’s an incredible milestone."

Verstappen gets praise from Rosberg

The former friend and foe of Lewis Hamilton also has a good word for Verstappen: "Verstappen himself is driving in such a legendary way. I mean he is driving like one of the best five or six of all time, you know? So in line with Senna, Schumacher, Hamilton and two other names and then you start to struggle already, it’s really legendary."