Verstappen happy with Hungary extension: 'I'm also testing GT cars here'

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Norris Verstappen Perez happy to retain Hungary GP
25 July at 15:25
Last update 25 July at 18:17

After the Hungarian Grand Prix, the three drivers on the podium were quizzed about the Hungaroring's contract extension with Formula 1. The Hungarian GP is fixed until 2032, much to the delight of Max Verstappen, Lando Norris and Sergio Perez.

Needless to say, the three were in high spirits. Verstappen, Norris and Perez came off the podium just in that order after a race at the challenging Hungarian Hungaroring circuit. Verstappen kicks off with best memories of the circuit and why it is so much fun to drive there.

Verstappen, Perez and Norris reminisce

Verstappen: "It's a very technical track. I remember before I even started F3 and I came here testing in Formula Renault, I think it was at the time. And it was a very difficult track to learn at the time to get it right. So and I still come here driving GT cars, for example. It's just a lot of fun. It's not the biggest track, but it feels like you're driving a big go-kart around."

Norris takes over. And although he says he has little to add, he still has quite some memories to add: "Highlight is probably today. But I've always enjoyed this track. Same thing. I drove here in Formula Renault. What, 2016, 2015 already. So I've been coming here for a long time. We did many tests here. It's quite a common track. It's challenging. It's got its punishments, you know. But I enjoy it, especially when it's a day like today."

Finally, it is Sergio Perez with the microphone who enjoys the Hungarian fans: "Yes, certainly they do love racing. And they're all over the city, not just at the circuit. They're back at the hotels. They really make a massive effort. They really follow the sport. And it's great to have these sort of venues, you know, that the people, you see that they really enjoy. And I think the circuit itself is so technical. For me, it's my highlight. I've never been on the podium here. So it's my first time on the podium. So I'm happy that it stays here."