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Verstappen dissatisfied with F1: 'Not helping me want to stay after 2028'

Verstappen dissatisfied with F1: 'Not helping me want to stay after 2028'

06-07-2023 17:10

Max Verstappen has no desire to have as long an F1 career as Fernando Alonso and is considering quitting Formula 1 after his contract expires in 2028. The 2026 engine prospects and the crowded F1 calendar are not positives for the future according to the Red Bull Racing driver.

Verstappen wants smaller F1 cars

Verstappen takes all these developments in Formula 1 into account when considering the future and his activity in the sport. One stumbling block is the increasingly heavy F1 car. With the new engine regulations for 2026, the electric motor will have to supply more energy, making it much heavier.

The Dutchman does not like that and said the following during a press event at Silverstone attended by GPblog: "Today's cars are too heavy and the tyres are too big. You don't see a lot when you go through corners. I prefer the smaller tyres, it was a lot more fun. I would like to make the cars also a lot more drivey so you don't have to rely so much on the DRS and again with these new cars, in 2026, they look like they have again a lot less drag so that will be even harder to pass as well."

Record calendar no fun according to Verstappen

The length of the announced 2024 F1 calendar also does not please the Red Bull driver. There will be 24 races in 2024. Verstappen: "It's too many for me but we just have to deal with it, I think it's a bit more logical the way it's planned at least, so I guess that's better."

Verstappen sounds critical of developments in the sport, and combined with his desire not to stay in F1 for too long, it may be bad news for Verstappen fans. Verstappen: "There are more things that have to come together for me to make my mind up whether to stay longer or not, but all these things are definitely not helping for sure."