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Verstappen: 'We don't talk about it often, but we too are developing'

Verstappen: 'We don't talk about it often, but we too are developing'

06-07-2023 16:28 Last update: 17:05

Max Verstappen could take his sixth win in a row during the 2023 British Grand Prix. Being so successful in his Red Bull Racing RB19 is not boring him yet. Indeed, according to the Dutchman, it is far from boring.

Red Bull is not standing still either

So said Verstappen during the press conference. The two-time world champion looks ahead to the British race weekend and starts with Red Bull's dominance. Verstappen can break a personal record by winning six races in a row. Red Bull can match the all-time record by winning its 11th race in a row.

Yet the strong car continues to be developed. Verstappen: "We had a great start to the year, we also are understanding our car race after race a bit better, what we want, what we need. But we are not standing still, it is true that maybe other teams they speak a bit more about updates and bigger upgrades from one to the other race but we'll still bring some stuff as well because that's definitely necessary to stay ahead."

Verstappen expects good weekend at Silverstone

The Dutchman rates the chances at Silverstone well for himself. Indeed, the RB19 seems to like the permanent tracks better than the street circuits. Verstappen: "On street circuits, and bumpy tracks. I think our car is not that fantastic, that's why I think the margin was a bit smaller of course in Monaco, it wasn't fantastic in Montreal as well for example and we know that there are still a few street circuits coming up where potentially it will be again a little bit harder for us."

It's not boring yet: "For years we were close or thought the following year would be our year, which then didn't happen, for various reasons," says Verstappen. "People ask me is it boring, I say no it's not boring because this is what I work for all these years together with the team. They are pushing flat out to try and catch up and we know that mentality, we know what they are trying to do but we just try to stay there, we try to push as hard as we can to stay on top. So for me, yeah it's definitely not boring at the moment."