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Father-in-law does not believe in Ricciardo's return to Red Bull Racing

Father-in-law does not believe in Ricciardo's return to Red Bull Racing

28-06-2023 20:21 Last update: 29-06-2023 08:31


Daniel Ricciardo will finally get the chance to put the RB19 through its paces after the Silverstone Grand Prix. The Australian, currently Red Bull Racing's third driver, will spend three days testing tyres for Pirelli. Moreover, Ricciardo can show that his speed has not been completely lost during a nasty period at McLaren.

So this season, Ricciardo returned to the old nest, after adventures at first Renault and later McLaren that did not work out as hoped. On a private level, things did go well for the Australian in recent years. He has a relationship with Heidi, Gerhard Berger's daughter. The Austrian was himself a successful F1 driver and once co-owner of Toro Rosso, the team for which Ricciardo raced in the past.

Austrian Heidi and Daniel a couple

Austrian website OE24 asked Berger about his daughter and Ricciardo. "Heidi lives in New York, studies and works in the film industry. She was recently in Tokyo for three months for a Disney shoot. I call her regularly and know she has been with Daniel for two or three years. He is a likeable, nice guy."

Berger naturally follows his son-in-law's career closely. The Austrian former driver also knows that Ricciardo has his sights set on a racing seat at Red Bull Racing. "If he gets another chance at Red Bull now, I would be happy. On the other hand, I would be surprised [that Ricciardo can race for Red Bull], because it does not fit into the Red Bull philosophy, as the team is betting on young drivers," Berger said.