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'Verstappen the first in 30 years to be put on the same level as Senna'

'Verstappen the first in 30 years to be put on the same level as Senna'

28-06-2023 19:04 Last update: 19:10

Red Bull Racing is currently unstoppable and proudly leading both Formula 1 championships. But what exactly is the secret behind the success story? Gerhard Berger has the answer.

Berger knows a thing or two about the goings-on at Red Bull Racing, along with things at sister team AlphaTauri (formerly Scuderia Toro Rosso). When Dietrich Mateschitz bought Minardi's former F1 team and renamed it Toro Rosso, he did so with Berger. The 10-time Grand Prix winner owned 50 per cent of the shares but sold them to Red Bull in 2008.

Red Bull's secret to success

What is it that makes Red Bull so successful as a team? "Red Bull's secret is working consistently, paying attention to every detail. That's where this incredible success story comes from. As for dominance in F1, that will come to an end one day. But for now, there is no one who comes close to Max Verstappen," Berger said in a conversation with OE24.

The 63-year-old Austrian, who once had Ayrton Senna as a teammate at McLaren, cannot deny the comparisons with the legendary driver. "He is actually the first driver in 30 years to be put on the top step together with Senna," the former F1 driver continued.

"The ingredients are very similar in both, while Senna still had that special charm that I haven't seen in anyone else. The sporty and mature way Max presents himself could put him on the same level as Senna," Berger said.