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'Abolish that DRS in Formula 1, figure out how to overtake'

'Abolish that DRS in Formula 1, figure out how to overtake'

21-06-2023 10:30

Former Dutch Formula One driver Jan Lammers has had it with the Drag Reduction System (DRS). The Dutchman argues in the NOS Formula 1 podcast that it is a good era to do away with the extra gimmick for once. Opening up the rear wing increases speed and therefore overtaking opportunities.

In the history of Formula 1, no DRS was used at all. In 2011, the unfolding rear wing was introduced within the king class of motorsport. Lammers believes it is now time to remove it from Formula 1 again.

'Abolish that DRS in Formula 1'

"DRS I think is wrong. I think this is a great era to abolish DRS altogether. Then drivers have to find another way to overtake each other again. We saw Oscar Piastri on Sunday overtaking Lando Norris in a beautiful and a creative way. If you do that once, others will also be told you can overtake there," Lammers said.

"The people who have switched since the arrival of Max Verstappen, they don't know any better. Then people say, 'How do you overtake then?' Think about that for a moment. That's the trick. Abolish the DRS and figure out how to overtake," the 67-year-old Dutchman told.