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Perez shows how good Verstappen is: 'Can't manage it over 66 laps'

Perez shows how good Verstappen is: 'Can't manage it over 66 laps'

06-06-2023 07:21 Last update: 08:59
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Toby McLuskie

'Sergio Perez shows how good Max Verstappen really is'. That is a statement Dutch former F1 driver Jan Lammers fully agrees with. In Spain, Perez had the chance to show his worth with an overtaking race, but he just didn't seem strong enough.

Perez proves how good Verstappen is

Indeed, Perez drove from P11 to P4 in the Spain race and missed out on a podium finish by a not-too-big margin. Verstappen is expected to make that podium from P11. In the NOS Formula 1 podcast, with former F1 driver Lammers, it is said that Perez proves that Verstappen is that good.

Lammers: "Yes, I definitely think so. Perez is showing that over an individual lap he can do something pretty good from time to time. But yes, a race in this case is of course 66 laps and then you have to be able to do it too. It's not just about 66 good laps, but getting those imperfections out. Especially with an overtaking race, those moments of 'I'll wait another lap', or 'I'll wait another corner'... Those are moments that over an entire race bring the result 'just outside the podium' for Perez."

With his latest win, Verstappen extended the lead to Perez on P2 to 53 points. That means Perez can now score twice the maximum number of points from a regular race weekend and still be one point behind if Verstappen does not score a single point.