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Dominant Red Bull with upgrades at Barcelona: 'Deep in details'

Dominant Red Bull with upgrades at Barcelona: 'Deep in details'

02-06-2023 06:29 Last update: 10:02

As the most dominant team in the current F1 season, Red Bull Racing is taking upgrades to the Barcelona GP just like the other race teams. Sergio Perez explains what the upgrades look like at a team that seems so much stronger than the rest.

Upgrades Red Bull are about details

With the cancellation of the Imola GP and the peculiar characteristics of the Monaco GP, there is the first European Grand Prix this weekend in Spain, where upgrades can be installed and also good data can be collected. For Red Bull, which is well ahead, upgrades have also been confirmed in Spain.

Perez and Max Verstappen's team has the disadvantage of having less time in the wind tunnel due to last year's penalty for exceeding the budget cap in 2021. Red Bull, on the other hand, has the advantage of being so far ahead of the rest that it can also experiment with upgrades during the weekend, according to team consultant Dr Helmut Marko.

Perez does not believe in street circuit specialism

Speaking to GPBlog in Barcelona, Perez reveals the following about the upcoming upgrades: "Well certainly we have a very strong package that pretty much works well at every single circuit. I think it's going into too much detail but in general we're heading in the right direction." That the car is good at every track means Perez and Verstappen will have to sort it out together for the win. Perez addresses the theory that he has the advantage on the street circuits and Verstappen on the more traditional ones.

Perez: "Hard to know. I think we will see when we do more and more circuits, but I don't think so [...] If you are able to be quick on pure pace and your pure pace is good in a straight circuit, your race pace is strong, your quality pace is strong, there is no reason why you cannot do the same anywhere else"