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Red Bull confirm updates in Spain: 'Going to try something new'

Red Bull confirm updates in Spain: 'Going to try something new'

30-05-2023 14:34 Last update: 16:23

Red Bull Racing have the most dominant car at the moment in Formula 1, that much is obvious. The Austrian racing team have won all six races. But: standing still is going backwards. At Red Bull, therefore, they are not sitting still and for next weekend's Spanish Grand Prix, an update will be included.

Helmut Marko confirms this in conversation with OE24. What new parts the Milton Keynes-based racing stable will bring to Montmeló the 80-year-old consultant does not say: "We are going to try something new in Barcelona," Marko told the Austrian television station.

Red Bull are not the only team to come to Spain with an improved car. Ferrari are doing the same. The team of Charles Leclerc and Carlos Sainz actually had a new rear suspension ready for the Imola Grand Prix, but because that GP was cancelled, Ferrari decided not to make the drastic change until Spain.

Mercedes and Aston Martin were already driving with updates

The other two top 2023 teams, Mercedes and Aston Martin, did already choose to appear in Monaco with updates. The former team drove with a new sidepod concept and the front suspension also changed a lot. How much time gain these new parts gave the German formation in Monaco is hard to say. The weekend in Spain will shed more light on that.

Aston Martin introduced the first really regular update package of the season also in Monaco. The British made adjustments to the wishbone, sidepod inlets and rear floor edges. For them too, Spain will show how much progression has been made as a result.