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Haas creates smokescreen: 'Alfa Romeo? Lots of people tell me that'

Haas creates smokescreen: 'Alfa Romeo? Lots of people tell me that'

01-06-2023 17:33 Last update: 21:00
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Toby McLuskie

For Alfa Romeo, Sauber's main sponsorship comes to an end after this season, renaming the Swiss team - which will operate as Audi from 2026. It is not a given that this means Alfa Romeo will disappear from Formula 1 entirely. In fact, it is now rumoured that the Haas team will get Alfa Romeo as its title and perhaps name sponsor from next year.

With other media, GPblog asked Guenther Steiner what was true of all the stories surrounding a possible name change. The Haas team boss said, "A lot of people are telling that to me. The only ones which haven't told me that yet is Alfa Romeo. Obviously, they are looking in what they are doing in the future. I think the F1 team
 came to see us to see how we are doing and an introduction, nothing else. I never met the CEO before in my life. He just got introduced with me on Sunday. I don't even remember the date. In Monte Carlo, there was nothing to hide. He just said hello and that was it. I don't know what they are doing in the future."

All options on the table at Haas

Still, Steiner does not rule out Alfa Romeo getting a prominent role within the Haas team at some point. "No, there is a possibility of a lot of things. I cannot rule it out, but I cannot say it is happening because it is not my decision. I don't know what they want to do. Moneygram is our title sponsor for now and for the foreseeable future. They have a contract and they are very good to work with. We have got a very good relationship with them. They do a lot of activations, as you guys saw. They are doing a very good job."

The media present then tried again, hoping Steiner would be more forthcoming. "I don't know because we never spoke about this. I don't have an answer for that because we haven't discussed with the Gene about this. There is nothing on the table. Therefore, I don't even think about it. I have got a lot of things to do. Like stewards," Steiner laughed.