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Alonso not yet satisfied: 'Top step is the next thing we need'

Alonso not yet satisfied: 'Top step is the next thing we need'

01-06-2023 09:58 Last update: 13:25
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Toby McLuskie

Fernando Alonso will drive his home race next weekend. The Spaniard has an excellent run of form and, after many third-place finishes, achieved his first second place of the season in Monaco. Alonso states that a win is the next thing needed.

Alonso's last Formula 1 victory was in 2013 at the Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya, the circuit where F1 is also racing this weekend. For the first time in many years, the two-time world champion finally has a competitive car again and the question is whether this will allow Alonso to repeat his 2013 feat.

Alonso looks forward to his home race

With Red Bull Racing's dominant car, a win for Alonso seems unlikely, but the Spaniard is obviously hoping for this. " I hope to see lots of green in the grandstands over the weekend. So far, we have scored lots of third places, a second place in Monaco and the next one we need is the top step," Alonso said in an Aston Martin press release.

Alonso on new layout

After years of complaining about the slow chicane at the end of the lap, it has been scrapped for this year. "We have a lot of experience of this circuit but it's always a good challenge. It'll be interesting to race again without a chicane at the end of the lap, and hopefully this creates more overtaking opportunities."