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Alonso on home race: 'I won't go there thinking that I will win'

Alonso on home race: 'I won't go there thinking that I will win'

29-05-2023 16:15
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Toby McLuskie

Fernando Alonso finished second in Monaco after four third-place finishes for the first time in the 2023 season. This puts the Spaniard one step closer to victory, but Alonso says he will not go to the next race thinking he will win there.

Alonso is enjoying a great start to the 2023 season with his new team Aston Martin. The two-time world champion has finished on the podium in five of the six races so far, and that while the British team finished only seventh in the championship last year.

Can Alonso win his home race?

Alonso's last victory was in 2013, in his home race at the Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya. That is exactly the venue where Formula 1 is heading this coming weekend. At the post-race press conference, Alonso is asked if he can repeat his performance of 10 years ago in his home race.

"I don't think that, I will not put any pressure on my team or myself into next week. Yesterday was very close in qualifying, but today in the race we saw Red Bull again very dominant.  So I will not get into Barcelona thinking that I will win and disappoint anyone. We have to keep our feet on the ground," Alonso said on Sunday after the race in Monaco.