Ocon: 'I have much respect for Aston Martin'
He joined his former teammate Fernando Alonso on the podium in Monaco

Ocon: 'I have much respect for Aston Martin'

29-05-2023 11:57 Last update: 12:01
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Toby McLuskie

Esteban Ocon had a very nice Sunday afternoon. Through the Monegasque streets, the Frenchman seemed at one with his Alpine, which eventually even earned him a podium finish. Ocon looks back on the weekend with a very good feeling, he told during the press conference.

Pierre Gasly's teammate was surprised by the speed of his French car. "I am very surprised, but I think we need to keep our feet on the ground," the driver stated. It will be exciting for the racing stable to see if Alpine will be competitive again next weekend in Barcelona. "Barcelona is going to be a very different characteristic track that everyone knows. A good test for us to see where we are exactly."

What does Ocon think of Alonso?

Next to him on the podium was Fernando Alonso, Ocon's teammate at Alpine last year. Does he envy his former teammate, him now being on the podium every week after his move to Aston Martin? The Frenchman gives an evasive answer. "I have big respect for Aston Martin. I think they've shown really the way that it is possible to go from the midfield to be a top team, and we should all take an example of that."