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Toto Wolff looks ahead to Spanish Grand Prix for Mercedes

Wolff looks ahead: 'We don't expect a big performance change'

31 May at 18:06
Last update 31 May at 18:43

No podium, still a good feeling. With Lewis Hamilton in fourth place, Mercedes would never have been satisfied in a grey past, but times have changed. Possibly they will change even more in the coming period, because in Barcelona it will probably become a lot clearer how good the updates already introduced in Monaco really are.

Mercedes originally wanted to use the updates for the first time in Imola, only that Grand Prix was, as we know, cancelled. The German team decided to use Monaco to implement the updates then. Whether they worked? "It is impossible to evaluate our upgrades on a circuit like Monaco, but at least we didn't have any nasty surprises," team boss Toto Wolff reflected in a press release from his team.

Wolff hopes for more stable base

At the Circuit de Catalunya, it will probably be easier to analyse whether and how much the updates have brought Mercedes. "Spain will provide an opportunity for us to establish a new baseline with the W14. It is a track that we are familiar with, although the removal of the final chicane will make it a much quicker lap. It comprises a wide range of corner types; that provides a good opportunity for us to learn about the new package. We don't expect to see a step change in performance, but we're hopeful it will provide a more stable platform."

After the Grand Prix weekend, Mercedes will stay in Barcelona for a few more days. Tests for tyre manufacturer Pirelli are scheduled for Tuesday and Wednesday. On the second day, test and reserve driver Mick Schumacher will get a chance to get behind the wheel of the Mercedes for the first time.

"After the Grand Prix weekend, Mick will also get his first real-world taste of the W14 on the second day of the Pirelli tyre test. He has done a great job with the Team so far, working hard back in the simulator and giving valuable input trackside. We're looking forward to him getting his first taste of on-track running this year, and sure it will help him in his role as reserve driver," Wolff believes.