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Verstappen on Hamilton: 'Don't think he needs to look over shoulder'

Verstappen on Hamilton: 'Don't think he needs to look over shoulder'

31 May - 15:28 Last update: 16:50

Max Verstappen holds another record after the Monaco Grand Prix. The 25-year-old Dutchman took over Sebastian Vettel's record of most wins as a Red Bull Racing driver. At this rate, Verstappen will even take a stab at Lewis Hamilton' s record number of wins (103), but he himself is not at all concerned with such statistics.

Whether Hamilton is worried yet? "No, I don’t think he needs to look over his shoulder. He has achieved so much in the sport." Verstappen told Robb Report in an interview. The Mercedes driver not only recorded the most wins in Formula 1, he also took the most world titles (along with Michael Schumacher). Whereas Hamilton stands at seven, Verstappen currently has two on his record. His third title is imminent this year.

Records are there to be broken, or so it sometimes falls. Verstappen believes it all and is only focused on the next Grand Prix weekend. What that will bring him in the end, he will see for himself. He cares little.

Verstappen lives in the here and now

"It doesn’t matter. I’ve never been interested in breaking records, because these things only happen if you are lucky enough to be in a good car for a long time. Not everyone has that luxury. Luckily, I’ve been in a good car for two years, to win championships, but it might stop next year. You don’t know. So I’m just enjoying the moment. If, after this year, it’s not happening again, that’s what it is," he sounded down-to-earth.

Given the current form of the RB19, it seems highly unlikely that Verstappen has no chance of winning the world title next year. The regulations remain pretty much the same through 2025. Verstappen, however, remains cautious and knows better than anyone that his team needs to keep developing if it wants to stay in the lead in the pinnacle of motorsport.