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'Would be a mistake to change draft during season'

'Would be a mistake to change draft during season'

31-05-2023 11:01 Last update: 13:00

Cas van de Kleut

Ferrari has made little progress on the car since last season. While the competition is getting faster and faster, the Scuderia is falling further back. Despite this, it is no reason for the Italian racing stable to change its concept in the middle of the season.

Last season, Ferrari was successful in terms of speed. In qualifying, they beat Red Bull with great regularity, and both drivers won races. This year is different: Charles Leclerc was only on the podium once, and his teammate Carlos Sainz did not yet manage to make the podium.

Vasseur convinced of own concept

The disappointing results do not mean Ferrari will do the same as Mercedes. According to team boss Fred Vasseur, the team from Maranello is going to stick to its own concept, he told The Race: "As long as I’m convinced that we can improve on the current car it would be a mistake during the season to change completely the target. Also because of the timeframe, because if you decide today to bring a completely different car during the season, I think it will bring us to October, or something like this."

For next year, nobody outside Ferrari knows yet what will happen, but according to Vasseur, testing is already under way: "We already have next year's car in the windtunnel and we are working on the next project."